Product Care & Guide Info

Welcome to Kickwheel's ceramic cookware group. Community is created through food, whether it be cooking, serving or eating. In these times, we all need to get creative and nourish ourselves to be strong. Sign-up for our newsletter for future videos, cookware recipes and healthy food discussions for your kitchen. Until then, below is our care guide for your new heirloom!

Stoneware Care: 

  • Durable stoneware requires very little daily maintenance.
  • Oven, dishwasher and microwave safe Kickwheel wares only require diligent cleaning (soap and water) to preserve their heirloom quality (and maybe a touch of love after each meal!)

Ceramic Cookware Collection:

*Since the composition of the Flameware clay body is designed to withstand thermal shock, any piece of ceramic made from this collection can withstand the heat from any standard oven or stovetop range, broiler and even open flame. 

  • Cooking with ceramics purchased from Kickwheel means you are using the Toki Flameware clay.
  • Versatile and durable, always use low heat, slowly building with a high heat fat to season the cooking surface (similar to cast iron).
  • When properly cared for, a near non-stick surface (again- similar to cast iron) will develop. Unlike cast iron, cleaning Kickwheel’s ceramic cookware does not require any special instructions. 
  • Soap and water are the key tips between each delicious meal cooked in your new ceramic cookware heirloom.

 Shipping and Handling:

  • Please allow 10-12 days for processing and shipping orders from Kickwheel for your new wares. Currently, we only ship domestically in the US. For international requests, please email us at to connect first before purchase. 


  • No returns or exchanges at this time. If a package experiences damages, please take a photo and send to Kickwheel at to discuss Kickwheel credit.