-community building

through the creation of well-designed heirloom ceramics for home, kitchen and life.

“Remember we’re fabricating our realities around us and we are exactly where we're supposed to be."


Here you can find out about all the projects made in collaboration with other local businesses, chefs, other professionals.

Cooking with Clay

A showcase of how we use Ceramic cookware. Community is created through food, whether it be cooking, serving or eating. In these times we all need to get creative and nourish ourselves to be strong. Recipes, Videos and discussions about food and healthy eating will be featured here. 

Potter's Pun

"Old Potter's never Die, they simply Slip away."

Creating durable wares for the home,

dining room, and kitchen, Kickwheel Sonoma is a ceramic design studio providing guided tutelage with a creative problem solving stride. Kickwheel Sonoma is the production outlet of ceramist, ceramics instructor, and passionate potter Andrew M. Kontrabecki. Working alongside professional and private chefs, restaurants and boutiques alike for over 25 years, Andrew has developed his own functional design style. Through instructing hundreds of students of all age/skill levels in various studio settings, he has guided many others in finding their own voice.