What do I wear to a ceramics class?!

   -The Ceramic process is a messy one, slop and dust are frequently involved in making wares, sculpture and generally processing clay overall. Basically any ceramic student would be best prepared for working with Clay by wearing clothing that they garden or paint in. Closed toe shoes, an apron and old towel will suit you well. 

First class curiosity and expectations?

   -After class/instructor introductions, filling out the appropriate paperwork and a facility tour [Barn 5400 is a multifaceted maker/small business space with plenty going on there], you will start getting your hands into the clay! Clay is an immediate medium, expressionistic and hands-ON, so there’s no time to waste!

What is provided with the class fees?

   -Firing services, access to the ever-evolving palette of high fire glazes and use of community equipment [slab-roller, extruder, work tables, various hand-tools/implements], a designated shelf space to store projects, your own supplies and work clothes. Clay is available for purchase. 

Can I buy clay and glazes then bring them to class? 

   -No. Due to the specific firing temperature of each ceramic studio outside clay and glazes are not welcome. 

Am I charged for firing fees if I am registered in a class? 

   -No. Firings are included in the class fee.

What type of kiln does Kickwheel use? 

  -A large oval shaped electric skutt kiln. 

What cone does the kiln fire to?

   -Typically, wares are fired to ^9/^10 glaze/final firing, after an ^04/^06 bisque/primary firing. 

What type of wares will I learn to make?

   -Depending upon skill level, and ease of learning, the  options can be various. Most beginning students walk away from their first classes with small bowls and cups. Hand Building students will be making plates, bowls and cups in their first sessions. 

When will my work be fired and ready to pick up after the 6-week class?

   -Due to the firing process and the amount of work that the studio produces on the whole, students are asked to allow a 2 week period between their last class meeting and the earliest date they can retrieve their finished work. 

If I miss a class what happens?

   -Making up a class is possible. Due to the limited size of the current class schedule, a make-up class should be coordinated with your instructor.

What is the cancellation policy?

   -Kickwheel does not issue refunds on any type of sales offered online or in store. Fees cannot be pro-rated.  The card provided will be charged the full amount at the time of purchase. A voucher may be granted up to 2 weeks prior to class or workshops starting. Instances that will be considered are: Serious illness that prohibit students from working with clay (doctor's note required). These circumstances will be considered at Kickwheel’s discretion and may take up to a month or longer to process. Reasons for vouchers/cancellations cannot be a change in priorities, job related, or related to moving. Vouchers can be transferred to another person, for a fee of $20. Gift cards for classes and vouchers are non-refundable. 

Can I bring family, guests, dogs, my kids to class?

   -In these times Kickwheel cannot accommodate extra visitors outside of the roster of registered students. Kickwheel and Barn 5400 is a dog friendly place! You can bring your Pup once they have been vetted by our studio mascot and wiggling welcome wagon Rahsaan Roland Kirk the bundle of brindle, a Cattle Dog/Yorkshire Terrier rescue mix.