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Ceramic Cookware is ancient. Our sustainable origins begin with clay pot cooking. The legacy is only outweighed by the versatility. Cooking with clay is also healthier as a meal preparation option. Kickwheel offers a standard line of ceramic Comals as an introduction to cooking with clay but the fun doesn’t stop there as custom cookware is merely a conversation away from being a reality. Casseroles, Bean Pots, even stand alone Hibachis or Rocket Stoves are possible cooking implements that can easily be created.

The clay used for Kickwheel’s ceramic cookware is the John Toki Flameware clay made by IMCO in Sacramento California. While a glaze is applied to the interior of the pot for ease of both cooking and cleaning, unglazed burnished pots are offered upon request. Each pot comes with a special set of instructions for getting started cooking with clay.

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